Hey, welcome to my site!

My name is J.T. Anderson, a.ka. “The Red Pill Bible Guy.”

You may have seen me on Twitter. One of my followers put my content on par with Alexander J.A Cortes and Andrew Tate as some of the freshest stuff in “Red Pill Twitter”:

I haven’t worked a 9-5 job since I got laid off on September 29, 2017. This freedom has given me time to study (and teach) biblical sexuality and red pill philosophy.

A loyal woman is an asset to a man with a mission. My wife worked part time to help support the family while I focused on unplugging from the devil’s deceptions and building long-term assets.

A man must help himself before he can help his family.

My aim is to help rising and recovering alpha males outwit the devil and embrace their masculinity.

If you haven’t done so already, check out my article on how we got cucked by the church (and what to do about it.)

~ J.T. Anderson