Rational Male & Tate Talks on “Old-School Polygamy”, Internet Pimping, & Getting Respect

NOTE: Below is my summary of the show. All my notes are paraphrased opinions of the speakers unless directly quoted. Listen to the full show for actual quotes and context.

Key Takeaways

  • Poorer countries have more feminine women. They understand their best chance at a good life is to leverage their beauty to marry a quality man.
  • If a woman is willing to fuck you as an underachiever, she’s willing to fuck other average guys. Average dudes with average game have to compete against the whole world.
  • “If someone breaks into your house, you’re the man. You have go down, see who it is and face possible death. That’s your job as a man. If your girl won’t even suck your dick, what in the hell are you going down there for?”
  • The web cam industry is not “porn” in the traditional sense. It emerged because men are so desperate for connection with a real woman, but don’t know how to get it. A similar problem is happening with women (e.g. professional cuddling). Both genders are desperate for connection, but few know how to get it.
  • Our culture conditions men to be beta by training them to think about how others will feel when making decisions instead of deciding what’s best for themselves. A man must become his own mental point of origin. (This is the most important red pill lesson).
  • A pimp doesn’t pay his women any money. His role is to help the woman feel good about what she does. Women are not motivated by money. They want a high-value man to tell her “who gives a shit what other people think of you? You’re mine and I love you.”
  • A woman can only respect you if you respect yourself immensely. If you treat yourself like shit, why is she going to treat you any better?
  • Money is not necessary to get women. Tate got women first and then made money (with the women.) A lambo buys you 10 seconds of attention with a girl. After that, she’ll tell you to ‘fuck off’ like any other guy if she doesn’t like you.
  • Men reinforce bad behavior by only giving their women attention when she behaves negatively. You’ve got to reverse it: talk to her all the time when she’s good, ignore her when she’s being a dickhead.
  • Attention is the coin of girl world. And scarcity creates value. If you give out your attention too easily, she will perceive your attention as low value.

Resources Mentioned

  • You can follow Tate on Twitter and YouTube.
  • You can find Tate’s courses on his web store. He sells a course on how to get girls and a course on how to start a web cam business.
  • Follow Rollo Tomassi’s YouTube channel for more interviews. Rollo also does a Red Pill 101 show with Pat Campbell (episodes on Rollo’s channel.)
  • Listen the The Red Man Group podcast for unapologetically pro-masculine panel discussions.
  • Rollo’s article “Have a Look” explains why men need to have the look of a certain character a girl is looking for.
  • Rollo says Tim Pool is a guy who “puts his ass on the line” to report stories before the mainstream news gets a hold of it.


Andrew Tate is a 4-time kickboxing world champion and has participated in 7 MMA matches. He also owns a web cam company. He has an ongoing relationship with 4-5 women at a time.

Rollo: “A lot of people don’t like you. Why is that?”

Tate has a bare-boned “ancestrial” view of the world. If you’re an alpha male, you have as many women as you want & as many kids as you like. You’re the boss & head of the household. No one can tell you what to do.

Tate says he’s living on an “evolutionary” level and simply hasn’t adapted to society. Every man who’s 30 years old wants to fuck every hot girl he sees. It’s normal. Tate says he’s not going to lie and pretend he’s going to meet one beautiful woman that’s going to make him not want other women.

Tate has seen the dating market from a variety of angles: as a professional athlete, a man with multiple women, observing single guys using his web cam service, etc.

Old School Polygamy

Tate believes “old school polygamy” is the natural order of men (and women.) He believes society is constructed the way it is because it’s beneficial to the state. The man is incentivised to not divorce in order to make sure the kids are paid for (otherwise the state would pay for them). Even if he has a sexless marriage and kids who don’t respect him, he’s still going to go to a job he hates to make sure they can get food and go to school. The government doesn’t want a bunch of alpha males impregnating a lot of women and then cutting them out of their lives if them on the phone if they get “fresh” with him.

“Every alpha man in history had more than one woman and had kids from more than one woman. He was the head of it all and no one said shit to him because he was the king.”

Women would rather share on alpha than have 100% of a beta. As Rollo puts it:

“Women want to be with men that other guys want to be and other women want to fuck.”

Eastern European Women

Tate says in Eastern European countries, you’ll see a woman with 3 kids and she’s still in fantastic shape. The reason is because if her man doesn’t want to fuck her anymore she’s in trouble. Because there’s no one who will be paying for her life.

In Eastern Europe, there’s no “rape culture” so you don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff you do in the US or UK.

Tate says Romania is a “poor country” so they don’t have the resources to be going down rabbit holes and extended investigations. In poor countries, people have more personal responsibility. Romania has a lower crime rate compared to the US.

In the US or London, you can’t get alcohol without an ID. Yet you’ll always see girls getting drunk. In Romania, there’s no ID checks. You’ll see a 16 year old girl have one glass of wine and go home responsibly. They’ll say “My dad will kill me if I drink too much.” The family unit holds things together.

Tate says it never crosses Romanian women’s minds to accuse a man of rape. They either want to have sex with you or they don’t. They’re sensible and self-protective about it. She knows the police won’t help her if she gets in trouble.

“The richer the country, the more it can afford to have feminism.”

Tate says the reason Eastern European women are so beautiful is not just genetics. They understand that their best chance at a good life is through a good guy so they leverage their beauty to do that.

Eastern European women say, “If you cheat on me, I don’t want to know.”

Tate says it’s a thousand times easier to get laid in London than Romania. Romanian girls are either looking to get married (for financial security) or they’re straight-up hookers and are going to charge you. There’s no in-between. There’s no sex for it’s own sake.

White Knights vs. Alpha Males

Tate once got falsely accused of assaulting a woman. It took him 4 years to beat the case in spite having 9 witnesses saying she was lying, text message history, etc. When he was arrested, they put him in a cell for 2 days and raided his entire house, going through every laptop and found 10 new charges to charge him with (e.g. making a video while driving)

Rollo thinks this behavior comes from White Knights (the investigotors) who want to teach an alpha a lesson. They want a way to defend the lady’s honor. They believe they will endear themselves to a woman by taking down an alpha.

Tate left the West when he realized that any woman you interact with in your life can make up a lie about you and get you thrown in prison and have your house raided… even if it’s 20 years later. Tate currently lives in Romania.

Rollo thinks Tate is so hated because he is sexually successful and openly proud of his success. Most guys teach you have to “kill your ego.” Rollo thinks this is a bad idea because if you kill your ego, you kill yourself. You’re not going to care about anything. Whether it’s overblown or gets you in trouble, that’s another thing. But being proud of what you do and who you are and using that to motivate you is a good thing.

Incels, MGTOWs, MRAs, trad-cons see someone like Tate and want to take him down. When a policeman identifies with one of these groups, he aligns with the feminine imperitive and wants to take the alpha down. That’s the state.


“A lot of men look at cases like this and conclude that a man should not have a wife/girlfriend and minimize his engagement with women. What would you say to guys who say it’s “too risky” to get involved with women?

Tate says if you’re a man and want a happy life, you’re going to need some degree of interaction with women. But you need to be very careful with digital proof: what you text, what you say. (e.g. once Tate sent a text to a girl saying “you better come over at 9” and was interrogated: “why did you use the word ‘better’?” They try to perceive threats that don’t exist.)

Gender Roles & Politcs

The breakdown of gender roles have broken down the family. When you break down the family, you break down society. When you break down society, you break down countries and patriotism and then you’re screwed.

When you have no warrior class of masculine males, you’re going to be conquered. There’s no one to resist. The reason immigrants don’t go to Eastern European countries to do their shit is because they know they won’t get away with it.

Gender roles is the fundamental starting point of all geo-politics.

Some argue the solution is to roll back “women’s rights”, but Rollo doesn’t think that’s feasable. He thinks the solution is to help men rediscover conventional masculinity and learn to be more dominant.

Some say “enjoy the decline, we’ll rebuild from the ashes.” But we’re not going to rebuild from the ashes unless we have guys who understand the nature of masculinity.

Hypergamy & Game

Tate says even though hypergamy’s a real thing, there are women willing to fuck a man who hasn’t achieved his life goals, etc. and most of those women are sluts. If you’re an average dude with average game, the girl fucking you is willing to fuck average dudes. The whole world becomes your competition. The guy at the KFC drive-thru might be a little too slick and take her number. But if you understand how the game works, you can exploit it to your advantage.

Rollo says red pill is the theory, game is the practice. One informs the other, and one is incomplete without the other.

A lot of guys see hypergamy as deterministic. But it’s not something that’s insurmountable. Unfortunately, many guys take the information and, instead of trying to make it work for them, they simply give up. The men who give up creates the demand for cam girls and virtual companions.

It’s not about “hypergamy,” it’s about knowing how the game is played.

“Toxic Masculinity”

Governments want to control men. They do this by framing testosterone as a “poison” and make masculinity a bad thing or even just something confusing. Masculinity becomes a subjective standard that can be anything rather than an objective set of attributes that define a man or arouse women.

There is no such thing as “toxic masculinity.” There are only aspects of masculinity that are inconvenient and threatening to a female power base. Nobody has a problem with the man who saves women from the rising flood waters in Texas. But if a man’s talking about girls with his locker room buddies or driving around in a Lamborghini saying “look at all the pussy I get”, that’s an inconvenient aspect of masculinity.

As Tate says, it’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and talk shit about masculinity, but when a firefighter has to run into a burning building, or when someone breaks into your house, or when nuclear war strikes and there’s famine and savages on the streets looking to stab you to death for your shoes… that’s when you want masculinity all around you. When shit hits the fan, masculinity is the most important thing there is. The human species exists because women could re-create while men kept everyone alive.

Tate has a Tweet he repeats when someone gives him crap about masculinity:

“If someone breaks into your house, you’re the man. You have go down, see who it is and face possible death. That’s your job as a man. If your girl won’t even suck your dick, what in the hell are you going down there for?”

“Civil” people are the first people to have mental breakdowns when the real world punches them in the face. And sooner or later, it will. The idea of policing speech is insanity.

The Downfall of the Media Elites

Ordinary people are creating the media now. People can see how the mainstream media twists the narrative because they see it reported in the manosphere or other “boots on the ground” media sources first. This is why the media elites want these people deplatformed; they don’t want the message getting out before the mainstream media can put their spin on it.

People are starting to wake up to how misinformed they’ve been for (in some cases) the last 20 or 30 years.

Rollo mentions Tim Pool as a guy who “puts his ass on the line” to report stories before the mainstream news gets a hold of it.

The Lost Boys

“The Lost Boys” are the generation of young men who have been brought up in a feminine-centric social order. They’ve had either beta fathers or non-existent fathers and no role-model of positive conventional masculinity for them to understand themselves as men. As a result, these guys are hungry for role models. This largely explains the popularity of Jordan B. Peterson. Peterson recognized there was two generations of men looking for some kind of regimen to follow. They don’t know what to do with themselves.

The Web Cam Industry

The web cam industry is not “porn” in the traditional sense. It has emerged because men are so desperate for interaction with women but don’t know how to go about doing it.

A similar problem is happening with women. For example, women can pay men for a “cuddling service” where the guy will come to the girl’s house and cuddle or spoon with her for half an hour.

Both genders are desperate for connection and few know how to get it.

Tate understands why women do web cams. Guys are so thirsty and will throw money at you. Are you really gonna blame the woman for doing web cam to make $1,000 when the dude’s desperate to give her his money?

The guys who criticise THOTs are just bitter. Men can become very bitter when they’re obsessed with a girl but don’t get her in the end.

Developing Frame

“What did you have to change to develop the frame you have now?”

Tate says he went through breakups and was heartbroken like most guys experience. But he learned how to not become bitter about it. He always had a higher purpose (fighting.) If you always have a higher purpose, a woman can never truly control you or destroy you. This gives you an indestructible frame.

“If I had to go train for a fight, and the girl was complaining, then she can fuck off and leave. I’m not getting my ass kicked for nobody. I have to fight in front of 10,000 people. I don’t care if it was your birthday. I’m going to the fucking gym.”

Tate says his frame developed naturally from having a higher purpose. From that he learned that relationships were happier if he never submitted. When he was steadfast to who he was and what he wanted to do, things worked out better in the end anyways.

“The most miserable existence on earth is living a life pretending to be something you’re not.”

Tate says if you look at what he does and it offends you, the hate is inside of you, not him. You better look in the mirror and deal with your own problems. Tate has the same attitude with women. If a woman is going to get with him and then complain about how he is, then she better leave.

Rollo says the single most important point of becoming red pill is to make yourself your own mental point of origin. You need to be the first thing that comes to mind when you make a decision. How is that decision going to affect you?

Our fem-centered culture conditions this out of men. For example, when deciding whether to change careers, men think “How’s my wife going to feel about this? What will my mom and dad think?” Men are trained to not think about what’s best for themselves.

Boys are educated as if they were defective girls. We are taught to put womankind and their feelings as our starting point of our thinking.

“Enlightened self-interest” = “I can’t help anyone before I help myself.” There’s a reason they tell you on airplanes to put your own oxygen mask on first before attempting to help your kids. If you can’t breathe yourself, you can’t save anyone.

Boys are taught to “think of others first” and “make sure you’re a good servant.” This is almost a social engineering that trains men to be good betas.

“What’s your payment structure for cam girls?”

It depends on the girl. Tate says women are not motivated by money like men are. There are better ways to motivate a woman. You can motivate a woman with attention, and love, and making her feel special far more than you can with money.

If you ask a street pimp how much money the girl keeps, it’s 0%. The pimp keeps it all. People ask why would a girl work and give all her money away? It’s because she wants the attention and validation from that man.

You can only pull something like this off if the girl respects you immensely. And she can only respect you immensely if you respect yourself immensely. If you treat yourself like shit, why is she going to treat you any better?

Tate says a common misconception is that girls who work for pimps are addicted to drugs and dependent on the pimp for drug money. If a pimp finds a girl on drugs, the first thing he’s going to do is clean her up. He doesn’t want her dependent on anything else that’s going to distract her from her work. There’s nothing that’s stopping these women from doing the same thing by themselves and making money. It’s not about the money for them.

Tate says even though Instagram makes it easy for girls to “pimp themselves out”, they don’t really want to do it on their own. They want that man to tell her “who gives a shit what other people think of you. You’re mine and I love you.” Without that male validation, they feel guilty about what they’re doing.

People always ask “what’s the pimp’s role? Why do you need a pimp?” The pimp’s role is to help the woman feel better about what she does. She feels happier doing what she does when she has a man to report to.

“What do you think about pickup artistry? Do you consider yourself a pick up artist?”

Tate does not consider himself a pick up artist. He rarely approaches girls (unless she’s a real 10). Tate’s too busy to approach girls.

A lot of pick up artists have the approach of “get a girl, fuck a girl. Get another girl.” Tate likes to have genuine relationships with girls. He’d rather have one or two girls that would wait for him through a prison stretch than a bunch of random hoes.

Tate’s not about getting a girl and fucking her. He’s about “how can you have a genuine relationship where the girl respects you and will stand by you?” How do you have a relationship where she’s happy and you’re happy?

Tate doesn’t try to sleep with a bunch of women. What he’s good at is getting a beautiful woman and retaining her. Then getting another beautiful woman and retaining her until he has 5 or 6 women at once.

Tate has 22 women who tatooed his name on themselves. Tate asks the girl “are we going to be together forever?” “I hope so.” “I don’t believe in hopes. Yes or no?” “Well, I want to.” “Well, if you genuinely want to, why wouldn’t you get a tatoo?”

“Do you think red pill awareness will go mainstream?”

The problem with true red pill is you have to take on a lot of personal responsibility. People absolve personal responsibility every chance they get.

The red pill requires a man to say, “OK. I understand how women work. I need to get in fantastic shape. I need to get my finances together. I need to have an iron frame. I need to not chase a chick if she gives me attitude. I need to tell a girl to ‘fuck off’ for the smallest indiscretions or she’s not going to be trained to behave herself around me.” You’ve got to have a lot of mental discipline to truly understand red pill. Most people lack mental discipline. Blue pill sells the fantasy that a man doesn’t have to do those hard things. He’ll meet a girl and it’ll just “click.”

Like a game of chess, even if you’re losing, you still need to know the rules of the game to make the best possible move to get the best possible outcome. Most men don’t even know the rules. They’re just moving around randomly and wondering why their life is fucked up.

Tate believes there is a time in a man’s life where he needs to try out different women. If you were told to find a good apple and you only had two apples to compare, you wouldn’t know if you had a good one. But if you had a hundred apples to compare, you’d be able to find a good one. Nowadays, it’s partly a numbers game.

“Doesn’t exposing yourself to so many women increase your chances of getting into trouble (e.g. the “Me Too” movement)?”

It’s risk vs. reward. You can mitigate the risks by understanding the risks and being careful how you text and email. If you want a woman who truly loves and respects you, you’ve got to take the risk.

The MGTOW guys are right, but they’re running away from the risk. You could use the same logic for opening a company: you might lose your money. You might. Or you might become a millionaire.

“What would you say to guys who say ‘the only reason you got a lot of chicks is because you got a lot of money?'”

“The reason I have a lot of money is because I have a lot of girls.” Tate was living a standard life with a modest income before starting his web cam business (kickboxing doesn’t pay like boxing.)

Tate even thinks he did better with women before he had money. When you have money, girls expect a lot. Now Tate gets girls trying to sugar daddy him and he refuses to do it.

Tate also knows a lot of guys with a bunch of money who are not happy with their female relationships. There’s billionaires who have wives who are cheating on them and divorcing them. It’s not about money, it’s about respect.

Saying you don’t have enough money is a cop-out.

Rollo says guys tend to focus on looks or affluence too much.

Guys have to play and have the look of a certain character that a girl is looking for (e.g. the rock star, the fighter, the creative guy, etc.). (See Rollo’s post: “Have a look“) You need some muscular definition, but it’s ultimately about portraying a “look.”

You do need understand the rules of the game, develop yourself, and learn some pick up artist skill.

Have all three if you can (game, looks, affluence). Two if you can’t have all three. Game if you only have one.

Tate agrees that game is more important than money. “If you pull up in a Lambo, and get out and approach a girl, that Lambo will buy you 10 seconds of attention. But after that, if she doesn’t like you, she’s gonna tell you ‘fuck off’ just the same.”

You’ve got to play the cards you’ll dealt the best you can. That’s all there is too it.

Understanding what your strengths are can be one of the most difficult challenges for guys.

“How can a man deal with a woman’s overinflated ego due to her access to unlimited social media attention?”

Rollo says social media is to women what pornography is to guys. Men’s sexual imperative is unlimited access to unlimited sexuality. This is why online pornography is free. It’s there to sedate you and keep you preoccupied.

Attention is the coin of girl world. Women like to know that even if their boyfriend dumps them, they got ten other guys on Instagram or Snapchat. Social media artificially inflates a woman’s self-perception of her sexual market value to a point where it’s unrealistic. Women who are realistically a 6 are thinking they deserve a guy who’s a 9. They’re in for a rude awakening when they hit their 30s and can’t “cash out” of the marketplace like they expected.

Tate says male attention is hyper-inflated and women enjoy unlimited male attention. So how do you add value to something? You make it scarce. Gold has value because it’s hard to find. (Tate talks for an hour about how to do this in his course.) Tate restricts his attention. If a girl gets sarcastic or won’t listen to him, he’ll just stop replying. Hot girls almost never get a guy who restricts his attention to her.

Tate says the biggest mistake guys make in their relationships is they train their woman to get attention through negative action. You’re busy at work and text your girl: “I’m having a busy day at work. Love you. Talk to you later.” Then she doesn’t hear from you all day. But if she starts an argument and pisses you off, you’ll take time out of your day to text her tell her what a “dumb bitch she is.” Now she’s learning that how she gets your attention is through negative action. You’ve got to reverse that. When she’s being good, talk to her all the time. And when she’s being a dickhead, ignore her.

Not all attention is created equal. Beta (low SMV guys) attention is not the same as alpha (high SMV guys) attention.

You have demonstrate rather than explicate the value of your attention. Don’t tell her what the consequences will be. Make her experience the consequences of her crossing the boundary. The you talk, the more your attention declines in value.

Attention is the only weapon you have against women. The ideal transaction is you give a girl attention, she gives you sex. Most guys give attention without getting sex.

One of the big lies men are told is that a woman needs to be comfortable before she’ll have sex with you. This is categorically false. Women want that urgency and anxiety. This is why it’s called “sexual tension.” There has to be an uncertainty whether you’re going to pick her.

Comfort is a post-orgasm feeling. By going straight into comfort and familiarity, guys skip past the tension stage that leads to sex. Women don’t want a guy who’s an open book. She wants to feel like she is figuring out a mysterious man through her feminine intuition.

Throw out little breadcrumbs about yourself and let her discover you layer by layer. If you don’t do this, you deny her the pleasure of having to figure you out.

[Tate] A lot of women pretend their special, but they’re actually insecure and don’t think they’re special. If you give away your attention too easily she’ll think “well, he’ll give it to anyone.”

“If you’ve got a chick who’s a 9 or a 10, is she easier to game?”

Tate thinks that super hot girls are better quality women than average chicks. Average chicks have more sexual partners on average than super hot girls. The hot girls are super exlusive with who they fuck. If they get with a guy, she’ll probably stay with him for at least a year or two.

Rollo says a lot of guys get intimidated by exceptionally beautiful women. Most guys are too nervous to even make an approach.

Tate is fine taking “no” for an answer. There are 3.5 billion women on the planet. Don’t play games with women. If she gives you shit just move on to someone else.

“No pussy is worth you compromising your integrity.” ~ Rollo

“How do you a handle a situation where your woman is talking/flirting with other men?”

Are those extra few weeks of a sexless relationship before she cheats on you really worthwhile? Tell her to choose you or them. If she texts them again, walk out the door. Leaving is your only hope of saving the relationship anyway; she might shape up to get you back.

Rollo says most guys have a scarcity mindset because they believe the woman they’re with is their only option. Learning game will increase your confidence because you’ll know you can generate other options if you need to.

Confidence is derived from options. Learn to create more options and you won’t be afraid to leave.

That concludes my show notes. Hopefully you found them valuable 🙂

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